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Maintenance for Missions Fund

Maintenance For Missions: Focus on Evangelism Fund

The committee will make funds available for travel to and from long-term or short-term foreign (and no-USA) mission assignments.
Teaching/evangelism assignments will be given priority, with consideration given to maintenance/work assignments. These funds may be made available to:

  •  a maximum of 3 people per assignment
  •  persons who are age 20 and older, and
  •  who are members in good standing and/or actively serving in a Canadian United Brethren Church.

On their return, we request that recipients of these funds report their experiences to their home church, the maintenance for Missions: Focus on Evangelism committee, and if possible, the Conference.

Written applications are invited.
The form can be downloaded below, along with the above text to pass on to others:

pdfMaintenance For Missions - Application22.86 KB

pdfMaintenance For Missions - Info124.37 KB



Global Outreach Update:

We had a team go to Haiti to do ministry and construction at the end of January, 2017.  Please pray that the results of their efforts will be long- lasting, both in Haiti and in their own hearts.

Latest Highlights

  • Haiti
    • We have maintained a good relationship with Pastor Richard and have supported and encouraged his leadership.
    • After the terrible tragedy of the 2010 Earthquake, we were able to provide immediate relief (thanks in great part to the generosity of the US and Canadian donations "above and beyond" our normal giving). Our well-designed Delmas 33 conference centre and church was not damaged. We have assisted in the rebuilding of one of the flattened Citie Soleil churches and have started several more church constructions.
    • Our partnership with CH Global has been very successful, with several schools started, micro-loans given and 200+ children sponsored.
    • We are thrilled to see our American friends from King Street, Chambersburg getting involved with the Arcahaie and Gonaives churches.
    • We were amazed to see the unfolding story of Hermmy, a young girl from one of our new church plants in Haiti come to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto with a devastating heart defect. Unable to climb a flight of stairs without gasping, she is now healthy, thriving and growing tall at home, a normal girl who is very thankful.
    • We have begun a partnership with Dr. Germain, a young physician who lost all this family and home in the earthquake. We are funding his monthly excursions to the remote, impoverished village of Grand Seline.
  • Global Ministries
    • We have watched Melissa get married, raise three children in Macao and carry on a vibrant ministry in a very challenging locale. We have greatly enjoyed the many visits that the Klines have made to Canada.  We currently support the Glunt family in Chiang Rai, Thailand.
  • Local
    • We have had several young people involved in longer Missions Trips, several months to more than a year (Kara-Lynn Ferguson, Kristie Korten, Rick Tyler). John and Chris Polegato are preparing for a ministry in a foreign country.

Levels of Involvement

Missions: Global Outreach Leadership Team
- Levels of Involvement -

1. Local Church Representative

  • act as liaison between the Global Outreach LT and your church
    • pass on Global Outreach LT information to your church
    • bring ideas and news of your church's missions and outreach projects to the Global Outreach LT
  • attend an annual meeting with other church representatives
  • optionally attend any of the general and working group meetings

Read more: Levels of Involvement

Missionary Support Policy

Policy: Short and Long-Term Missionary Support


The Global Outreach Leadership Team (GOLT) and the local churches of the United Brethren Church in Canada want to encourage its members to take part in short-term mission trips, as well as working within their own areas to reach out to those who need to know Jesus. We also want to encourage those led by God to consider longer term mission work. The United Brethren Church in Canada as part of our participation with the Global Ministries Leadership Team (GMLT) would also encourage our members to consider becoming United Brethren missionaries, working directly with the GMLT.

Read more: Missionary Support Policy